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Laboratory for thermodynamics and heat engineering

Laboratory for Thermodynamics and heat engineering is active in the scientific fields of thermodynamics, and heat, classical energy, and process engineering. In addition, this laboratory is active in architectural engineering, general renewable energy, solar energy, biomass, and geothermal energy. In all these fields, the laboratory supports education, scientific investigations, expert work, field work, services to industry, and publishing of scientific and education material. These activities are supported by the faculty, university, Ministry of education and science of Serbia, Ministry for infrastructure and energy of Serbia, Ministry of environment, mining and space planning of Serbia, UNESCO, European commission, and different state and private companies.


Figure 1 – Developed installations (a) geothermal heat pump with heating and cooling devices, (b) Installation for accumulation of heat and electrical energy


Figure 2 – Developed prototypes for use of solar energy: (a) Concentrator to generate heat; (b) Hybrid collector to obtain heat and electricity, (c) Hybrid concentrator to obtain heat and electricity.

The laboratory has contemporary computer and measurement equipment such as:
1. Anemometers with hot wires for measurements of velocity and temperature in fluids,
2. Ultrasound measuring devices of flow rate of liquids,
3. Infrared cameras,
4. Infrared thermometers,
5. Combined instruments for measurement of humidity, temperature and velocity in air,
6. Manometers,
7. Stroboscope,
8. Measuring device for lighting,
9. Pyranometer for measurement of solar radiation,
10. Analyzer of combustion products,
11. Analog-digital converters for monitoring, automation and control of measurements by using computers and internet.

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Figure 3 - (a) Use of infrared camera (b) measurement of water flow rate by using ultrasound measuring device


Figure 4 – Investigation of performances of (a) radiators (b) solar devices

In the field, the laboratory serves for student education at all levels: bachelor, master, and Phd degree, and executes special and permanent education programs.
In this direction, the scientific activity in the laboratory relates to design, development, and investigation of different thermal devices and installations. The general objective of this research is to minimize their consumption of heat, electricity, and other types of energy, and to minimize their local and global pollution. In addition, the laboratory develops software for calculation, data bases, expert systems, knowledge basis, and prototypes in the field.  Other activities relate to attestation, certification, and introduction in industry of different thermal devices and systems.

Results of the laboratory
In laboratory, the great number of installations is developed as well as large number of devices of heat, process, and conventional and renewable energy engineering, by using modern-day world knowledge and new technologies. The laboratory has the following installations:
1. Installation to measure of the characteristics of radiator heating bodies
2. Installation for heating and air conditioning by using geothermal heat pumps
3. Installation to accumulate hot water and electricity obtained from solar energy.
In the laboratory the following prototypes for solar energy utilization are developed:
(a) Concentrator to obtain heat;
(b) Hybrid collector to obtain heat and electricity,
(c) Hybrid concentrator to obtain heat and electricity.
In the laboratory, the following domestic projects are and will be realized:
NPEE403-109A Program to introduce and monitor the effects of application of the measuring devices for heat consumption in district heating of Kragujevac
NPEE708-1003B Development and research of hybrid collector of solar energy to generate heat and electricity.
NPEE243001 Influence of a decrease in the water temperature in the secondary circuit to a decrease in the heat consumption in a building
NPEE9273003. Development of the solar asimetric stacionary parabolic concntretor for production of electricity and heat.
TR33015. Investigation and development of Serbain net-zero energy house
III42006. Investigation and development of energy and environmentally highly effective systems of poly-generation based on the renewable sources of energy

In the laboratory the following foreign projects are executed.
Framework 6 project with Commission of the European Communities "Rural Sustainable Development through Integration of Renewable Energy Technologies in Poor European Regions"
Framework 7 project. Energy Foresight Network.

Laboratory manager: Dr Milorad Bojic, full professor