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Laboratory for IC engines and fuels and lubricants

Activities of the Laboratory are from three main fields: education, scientific research and giving services to the third parties.         
The Laboratory is equipped for laboratory exercises from the following scientific areas: IC engines, Equipment of motor vehicles and motors, Mechatronic systems, Fuels and lubricants for motor vehicles and motors and Ecology of motor vehicles and motors that are the part of the teaching subjects at:

  • Bachelor academic studies,
  • Master academic studies,
  • Specialist's academic studies and  
  • Doctoral academic studies.

Activities of the Laboratory within the scientific research work are:

  • realization of experimental parts of final exams and doctoral dissertations,
  • realization of scientific-research projects,
  • own research of teachers and associates at the laboratory,  
  • organization and conducting of permanent education seminars, 
  • cooperation with other scientific-research and economy organizations.

The Laboratory has AVL Indimeter 619, corresponding sensors and necessary software. Thus, it can measure and process indication diagrams of motors and compressors. Methods for analysis of combustion process in motors in order to determine octane and cetane quality of different fuels also are developed at the Laboratory.

The equipment, the experimental engine and corresponding methods enable:

  • conduction of research tests,
  • determination of octane number of liquid and gaseous fuels and 
  • determination of cetane number of different fuels (diesel fuel, bio-fuels, etc.). 

AVL Indimeter 619
AVL Indimeter 619

The tribological test bed has also been developed at the laboratory, having electric motor drive for IC engine or compressor, corresponding regulator of angular speed of electric motor and necessary measuring installations.   

The following items may be researched on the tribological test bed: 

  • mechanical losses of piston motors, compressors and pumps,
  • influence of lubricants and additives on tribological processes,
  • new design and technological solutions, 
  • application of new materials, etc.

Three test engine cells exist at the Laboratory. Engine brake HOFMANN is installed at one of the cells. This installation enables testing of engines:  

  • with power less than 200 kW and
  • with maximal speed of rotation of 12000 min-1

Motorska kočnica HOFMANN
Motorska kočnica HOFMANN

The Laboratory has modern equipment for the analysis of exhaust emission of SI and diesel engines, AVL DICOM 4000, as well as the equipment for modern vehicle diagnostics, AVL DITEST 8000. 

Eksperimentalni motor Novi tip motora po principu oto/dizel simbioze
Eksperimentalni motor Novi tip motora po principu oto/dizel simbioze

The experimental engine with three connecting rods has been developed at the faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The experimental motor has automatic continuous shift of compression ratio and it functions as an IC and diesel engine.   

For the purpose of scientific-research activities, like EU development programs, the study and design of a new engine type, using symbiosis of IC and diesel engine are currently under development. The project research from EUREKA program, entitled  "E!3240 - Substitution of iron automobile parts with aluminum / ASMATA" is currently being realized.
Laboratory manager: Radivoje Pesic, full professor