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Laboratory for mechanical constructions and mechanization

Laboratory for mechanical constructions and mechanization is equipped with devices for static and dynamic testing of machine elements and systems, testing of mechanical power transmissions and elements of mechanical transmissions.


In the framework of scientific discipline Material resistance, the following equipment is used:

  • Set for testing of bending of wires, belts and tapes, NG-2.
  • Hydraulic press - 20 t for pressure testing of materials, testing of distortion of sticks, etc.
  • Dynamometers for measurement of force during testing of samples on: tension, bending, torsion, complex strain, etc.
  • Set for testing of coil springs - determination of stiffness, dilatation and other.


From the filed of Mechanization and transport, an experimental installation is formed for research of dispersed materials conveying on a vibrating surface. The equipment consists of a bin for dispersed material, coiled giver and vibration transporter.


Education of students and giving services to other persons are done using machines for mass balancing, within the courses: Mechanisms and Machine dynamics. Devices designed within the courses of Mechanical transmissions, serve for testing of exploitation characteristics of transmission (friction, wear, efficiency ratio, service life).


Machine for balancing and device for testing the mechanical transmissions

Within the part of the laboratory dedicated to testing of mechanical constructions, independent students' exercises, diploma works, master's theses and doctoral dissertations are done, as well as optical analysis of stress and strain in toothed gears and other.


In the field of Machine elements and Calculation of mechanical constructions, the following actions are done: experimental and numerical analysis of stresses and deformations in gear pairs and other elements of gears, testing of friction clutches, testing of springs, shafts, bearings and other machine elements, testing of universal joints and other. 

The following functional models and devices are made within the innovation projects and in cooperation with Institute for automobiles, "Zastava automobiles" and "Zastava trucks":

  • a closed power circuit testing device for gear transmissions ,
  • wave reduction gear (Harmonic Drive),
  • tasting device for radial play in roll bearings,
  • testing device for torsion springs,
  • testing device for universal joints,
  • testing device for vehicle clutch testing and other. 

Also, software for calculation of all machine elements is developed with application of analytical and numerical methods that, together with the software for design of construction and technical documentation, enable quick and effective design.


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