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Activities of the Faculty of Engineering are based on unity between educational activities and scientific-research activities.

Scientific-research activities are achieved through basic, applied and development research aimed at discovering the new products, technological solutions, methods and techniques for business improvement, etc.

Scientific-research activities at the Faculty are organized through working at 9 laboratories and 24 research centres.

Numerous international projects (HORISON, FP, COST, EUREKA, TEMPUS, EAR, WUS Austria, DAAD, project of bilateral cooperation, etc.), projects supported by the Ministry of science (basic research, technological development, energy efficiency) and projects of direct cooperation with economy are realized at the Faculty.

In addition to current scientific and expert manifestations, the Faculty traditionally organizes the following scientific meetings:
- International conference on tribology €œSERBIATRIB (founded in 1989 and organized biannually),
- International congress €œMotor vehicles and motors (founded in 1979 and organized every even year),
- Quality festival (founded in 2003 and organized annually).
The faculty traditionally publishes international journals €œMobility & Vehicle Mechanics MVM€œ - ISSN 0350-1027 and "Tribology in Industry€œ - ISSN 0351-1642 which contribute to the expansion of scientific ideas in the country and abroad. Since 2007, the Centre for quality of the Faculty of Engineering in Kragujevac, together with the Centre for quality of the Faculty of Engineering in Podgorica, have started publishing the “International Journal of Quality Research€œ.

The Faculty annually publishes an average of 15 publications (scientific monographs, university textbooks, collections of assignments, practicums and similar).
The Faculty of Engineering in Kragujevac, from its founding until present days, has significantly participated in cooperation with the economy and in scientific research activities for the needs of the economy. This cooperation led to a large number of scientific-research projects of fundamental, development and applied character, aimed at finding new products, technological solutions, methods and techniques of business advancement, etc. Scientific-research activities have always had significant priority in the development of the Faculty of Engineering in Kragujevac. Universality of research may be seen based on the activities, programs of work, resources and results of work of 9 laboratories and 24 centres. There is a large number of realized projects that are difficult to enumerate. Therefore, in order to illustrate scientific-research activities, only current projects supported by the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia are cited and recently implemented international projects and those whose implementation is under way are briefly displayed.