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CAD Laboratory

CAD Laboratory includes several working stations that have standard configuration PCs and CAD software. Working stations have LAN and Internet connections. In addition to PCs, the Laboratory has a laser printer and scanner, and a purchase of a server and plotter is also planned. Modern CAD systems are researched and developed in the CAD Laboratory and knowledge and experience are exchanged with related institutions, economic organizations in the country and abroad.


The activities of the CAD Laboratory are aimed at the following fields: 

  • Education - comprises educational activities at basic and after graduate studies on several majors at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac. Students have the opportunity to independently improve themselves through development of specific projects. In addition to educational activities, the training in using the modern CAD systems is conducted.
  • Research is related to improvement of the members of the CAD laboratory and other researchers, through independent work under the guidance of more experienced colleagues, as well as through working on doctoral dissertations, master's theses, seminar papers and other papers from the CAD field and from familiar fields where powerful CAD tools are used. Members of the CAD Laboratory are involved in a great number of projects financed by the Ministry of science of the Republic of Serbia.
  • Cooperation with economic and other organizations is developed through  transfer of knowledge and experience from the field of introduction, using and application of CAD tools in almost all areas of mechanical design. 

Additionally, the CAD Laboratory has a great number of independent, specific projects and designs with some economic organizations that were developed, currently are in the phase of design or are planned.


Laboratory manager: Nenad Marjanovic, Ph.D., associate professor