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Centre for technical proper function of vehicles

ImageActivities of the Centre are established by Decision on authorization for testing of motor vehicles and trailers produced and reshaped in series or individually, issued by the Ministry of internal affairs of the Republic of Serbia, in accordance with the Committee for traffic and lines and Committee for turnover of goods and services the Republic of Serbia, based on the article 130, paragraph 1 of the Law on road traffic safety (Official messenger of the Republic of Serbia, No. 53/82 and 15/84) and published in the official messenger of the Republic of Serbia No. 24/85 on July 6th, 1985. On May 12th, 2005, the mentioned Decision was replaced by a new Decision 01/12 No. 223-60/05 that authorizes the Centre to issue Approvals, Confirmations and Certificates after the testing of the vehicles. Approval for using the vehicle in public transport is issued as evidence that standards and regulations defined by the Rule book on dimensions, total weights and axle loads and on basic conditions that must be fulfilled by all devices and equipment of the vehicle in road traffic (Yugoslav Official Register No. 0/82) and by the Rule book on Yugoslav standards for passenger and freight road vehicles, have been applied. Approval has permanent validity under condition that changes and reconstructions were not made that could influence given characteristics and regulations. Detailed tests, done by special program defined for each vehicle, are conducted when the performances of individually produced vehicles are established.

The Centre creates databases of new and changed vehicles and makes digital photos of the vehicles produced and changed in series or individually. 

Expert board made of a president and at least two members conducts the tests. The president and the members of the board are teachers and associates well known in the scientific-expert field of motor vehicles and motors. 

The following motor vehicles and trailers are tested at the Centre:

  • special freight automobiles and trucks, trailers and special vehicles
  • vehicles without a right for registration
  • buses 
  • freight automobiles 
  • passenger automobiles and combined vehicles 
  • trailers of all types and categories 
  • motorcycles and mopeds 
  • buggy vehicles 
  • tow-trains (trucks and trailers) 
  • LPG driven vehicles
  • vehicles for carrying dangerous goods

Conditions under which the Centre may test - control the quality of conformity of vehicles with standards and regulations are:

  1. Conditions for control of prototypes, changes and modifications of road vehicles,
  2. Conditions for control of conformity of prototypes, changes and modifications of road motor vehicles made by mounting the devices and equipment for LPG drive i
  3. Conditions for control of conformity of road motor vehicles and trailers for carrying dangerous goods according to national and international ADR regulations 

The Centre is also certified, by the Decision of the Department for internal affairs in Kragujevac 04/2 No. 223-303/05 from June 21st, 2005, for stamping the numbers of motors and chassis on motor vehicles. In twenty years of the existence and continuous working, around 15000 vehicles have passed through the Centre. The Centre's office hours are: every Thursday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. vehicle testings are conducted then and, if the results of the tests and calculations are positive, Approvals are issued on the same day. 

ADDRESS: Faculty of mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac, Sestre Janjic Str., no. 6, 34000 KRAGUJEVAC. 

Phones:+381 34 335 990 ext. 626, +381 34 335 465, fax: +381 34 333 192 

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Photos of some vehicles tested at the Centre

Teretna prikolica putničkog automobila ručne izrade
Detalj ugrađenih duplih komandi

Specijalno teretno vozilo za prevoz supstanci u tečnom stanju
Detalj ispitivanja motorskog prostora vozila kome je ugrađena instalacija za korišćenje TNG kao goriva

Prepravka terenskog putničkog vozila u lako dostavno vozilo
Popularna Volkswagen-ova «BUBA» u kabriolet verziji

Centre manager: Radivoje Pesic, Ph.D., full professor