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Centre for terotechnology

The Centre for terotechnology is a profit oriented organizational unit of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac. It has been found on October 7th, 1993, by the Decision of the Faculty Council No. 01-460/4 and represents one of the oldest centres at the Faculty. The founder and the manager of the Centre is professor Branisal Jeremic, Ph.D. The starting point for the foundation of the Centre for terotechnology was a Contract No. 01/92 from September 8th, 1992, on business-technical cooperation between "Zastava automobili d.o.o." from Kragujevac and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac, aimed at optimal joint  use of available resources like personnel, space and equipment. In a relatively short time, the Centre has succeeded to multiply its material basis and technical equipment, to gain personnel and references through a large number of realized projects and dealings, directly contracted with economy. By investing the major part of the profit into modern equipment, the basis for the activities has significantly enlarged, while the models for such direction in development were represented by similar institutions in developed western countries. The Centre has the best equipment in Serbia for diagnostics of technical systems and education with practical training. All mentioned before has enabled the Centre to be a leader in our country and, today, it is one of the leading institutions, not only in theory and science, but, firstly, in concrete, realized projects, confirmed in exploitation, in research and implementation of diagnostic procedures. 

The activities of the Centre for terotechnology take place in the broad field of basic research, multi-disciplinary research, final work realizations, master's theses and doctoral dissertations, education of students and of economy experts. Beside education, the cooperation with the economy through giving a range of services from the broader field of maintenance of technical systems, is one of the priorities. Complete education (lectures and exercises) from the subjects: Terotechnology, Maintenance engineering and Technical diagnostics, is given at the Centre. Equipment of the Centre with educational films and most modern systems for visual presentation, transparent models, didactical equipment and sophisticated diagnostic systems, enable teaching at the global standards.


Inside of the Centre and a small part of educational equipment

Final works, master's theses and doctoral dissertations

More than 30 final works, 12 master's theses and 5 doctoral dissertations were realized at the Centre in previous period, mainly through experimental research.

Organization and conduction of seminars with practical training

Within the education of the experts from the economy, the Centre for terotechnology organizes vocational seminars with practical training (hands-on) from the following fields: pneumatic components and systems (three course levels), hydraulic components and systems (two course levels), automatic process control and diagnostics of technical systems. Seminars usually last for 4 days and are suitable for professional needs of participants and permanently follow technological achievements from given fields. Modern teaching means are used for conduction of seminars (teaching films, transparent models, real components and systems). All educational equipment is of high quality and originates from well known world producers. Around 40 vocational seminars were organized in previous period, successfully passed by over 600 participants.

Research within the projects financed by the corresponding Ministry

So far, 6 researches for projects have been realized or are in progress.  The main results of these projects are three products. Thereby, one product is generally new in the world, while the two others are new in our country.

Implementation of scientific and expert knowledge 

More than 50 practical projects with social and private companies were realized in previous period. Some of the companies are: "Zastava automobili", "Zastava alati", "Zastava energetika", "EPS", PIK ”Takovo”, TE ”Pljevlja”, "Tetra pak-production", "PPT-servoupravljaci a.d", "Somboled", "FAD", "Metalac.a.d", Cement factory Kosjeric, etc. The most frequently realized projects were related to optimization of the maintenance systems and implementation of technical diagnostics program.

Inspection and testing of work tools from the aspect of occupational health

By the permission of the competent Ministry of the Republic of Serbia, the Centre for terotechnology conducts fast, efficient and quality inspection of work tools from the aspect of application of ordered protective measures at work, continually, since 1996. In addition to the existing, there is permission for testing the noise and vibration in the working environment. According to mentioned before, testing of newly produced, imported or reconstructed work tools (machines), of work tools that must pass periodic inspection and of work tools that are in use, but do not have corresponding technical documentation from the aspect of occupational health, are conducted at the Centre. According to very rich experience, the centre gives expert consultations to the companies that work in production or larger reconstructions of technical systems.

Organization of expert meetings and technical presentations

The highlight of the work of the Centre for terotechnology was, undoubtedly, organization of the meeting "Maintenance of the technical systems" in Kragujevac, on May, 20th-22nd,1998. The impressive number of 550 participants and 35 exhibitors that had presented production programs of more than 50 domestic and foreign companies had made this, according to all grades, one of the most successful and the best organized technical meetings after 1990. Also, much visited presentations of foreign companies with production programs from the broader field of maintenance of technical systems, are continually organized. 

Multi-disciplinary research in the field of biomedical engineering

This complex research is done in cooperation with the Medical faculty and the Clinical centre from Kragujevac. The most noticed results are: introduction of a generally new method in clinical praxis, protected patents in European Union and Serbia, published monographs of international and national importance and published scientific papers and three defended master's theses and one doctoral dissertation at the Medical faculty from Kragujevac.  Research on the functional model of yet another generally new product in the world for clinical praxis are in progress, as well as preparations for protection of a national patent and patent in EU.

Centre manager: Branislav Jeremic, Ph.D., full professor