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Centre for traffic safety

Image The Centre has been found in 1994. The activities are primarily aimed at development and testing of new products in the field of road vehicles, as well as of off-road wheeled vehicles. The Centre gives consulting services to the producers of the vehicles produced individually or in small series, verifies product documentation and verifies technical manufacturing of motor vehicles and trailers. In addition, verification of tractive and connective devices for vehicles is done. The activity of giving expert opinion on traffic accidents is developed at the Centre. 

Activities of the Centre attract the attention of undergraduate and postgraduate students, so a great number of them select to do their final papers from the field of vehicle safety or to direct their further education to that field. Human resources - gathered knowledge and experience, are the major trump of the Centre. The Centre uses available material properties of the Faculty, primarily the space in building B, and, when the work demands so, it uses the resources of the companies with which the Centre has well-developed business-technical cooperation. 

The Center's references are:

  • cooperation with many firms identified as producers beyond the borders of Serbia ("EMA" - Knic, "Zastava INPRO" - Kragujevac, "Jugo sport" - Kragujevac, "Galeb" - Cacak, "Jugometal" - Svilajnac, "CREINA" - Kranj Slovenija, "Eurobiznis" - Sjenica, "DAM-MONT" - Despotovac and others),
  • cooperation with service shops that have lines for automobile inspection and that work on vehicle repairs ("Autosaobracaj" - Kragujevac, "Remont" - Kragujevac, "Auto Jovanovic" - Cacak, "Lovato" - Gornji Milanovac, "Jugo sport" - Kragujevac and others),
  • large number of given expert opinions on traffic accidents under the orders of the competent courts from Kragujevac, Jagodina, Cuprija and from other neighboring towns
  • giving expert opinions  regarding damaged cars to the citizens or inspection of remodeled vehicles.






Within the Centre, there is a Laboratory certified for calibration of some working measuring devices for control at lines for vehicle inspection. Employees of the Faculty are engaged in work at The Centre, primarily colleagues from the department for motor vehicles and motors, but there are a larger number of associates from other institutions, also engaged to work at the Centre. Aleksandra Jankovic, full professor at the Department for motor vehicles and motors, is the founder of the Centre and its manager. The associates: Aleksandar Grujovic, Ph.D., Dragoljub Radonjic, Ph.D., Radivoje Pesic, Ph.D., Radomir Pavlovic, M.Sc., Zivota Arsic, M.Sc., Aleksandar davinic, M.Sc., Dragan Taranovic, M.Sc., Ljubivoje Jelic, M.Sc., Branislav Aleksandrovic, B.Sc., Milutin Perovic, lab technician, Marko Vidic, associate, as well as a large number of consultants and part- time associates, graduated engineers of mechanical engineering and road traffic, Vladan Popovic, Dragan Popovic, Slavoljub Ristic and others, with their engagement, have given contribution to affirmation of the Centre.

Considering the reality of the vehicle safety that unavoidably reflects on us from the world, there is a huge space for development of this field and for education of personnel that works with vehicles from different aspects. Multi- and inter-disciplinary nature of the vehicle safety in general is the stimulius for broadening of the Center's activities. 

Centre manager: Aleksandra Jankovic, Ph.D., full professor