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Centre for computer integrated manufacturing/enterprises

CIM Centre is a separate organizational unit at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac. CIM Centre works in accordance to the Faculty's statute and those regulations of the Faculty that organize economic-financial relations between the Faculty and its Centers. Joint research in the field of development of CIM systems (computer integrated production) and the needs of the economy direct the scientific and expert potentials of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the partners from the economy to found a joint CIM Centre. All activities may be realized through joint work of experts from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac and the partners from other institutions.

The founder and the first manager of the CIM centre was professor Slavko Arsovski, who has created a broad network of associates, provided funds for acquisition of the basic equipment for work and education.


Activities of the CIM centre cover a wide range of different fields:

Integration of companies and modeling of business processes
* Information systems
* Automatic identification and data acquisition
* System and technologies of data exchange

Computer aided design, planning and production
* CAD/CAM systems
* PDM systems

Computer controlled production technology
* Production equipment and systems
* Production equipment control
* Auxiliary production equipment

Quality management in CIM environment
* Total quality management systems -TQM

Integration systems and methods
* Enterprise resource planning - ERP
* Supply chain management - SCM
* Customer relations management - CRM
* Enterprise application integration - EAI

Management of CIM technologies
* Strategic technology management
* Techniques for implementation of CIM strategy


DNC software


Educational equipment for CIM systems


Q-WS Case tool for web service development, developed at CIM centre


Activities of the CIM Centre include work on the following tasks:

* CIM management
* CIM techniques
* CIM functions
* CIM technologies
* Education
* Publishing


CIM centre has a licenced DNC software CIMCO


CIM systems


CIM software


CIM Centre resources are: human resources, financial resources, hardware, software, projects, documented solutions and information and office inventory.

In the framework of CDP+ project 128/2006,  HAAS Toolroom Mill TM-1HE with additional softwer was provided
CIM centre team (1998)

In previous work, CIM Centre and associates - consultants of the Centre have become known and proved themselves as very successful workers in the field of CIM technologies, quality management, education and re-engineering.

1. Development of CIM systems
2. Development of DSS/CIM systems
3. With quality to profits
4. Management, informatics, quality
5. Management of quality economy

6. CIM systems
7. Flexible automation
8. Production systems
9. Information systems 



10 . Laboratory measurements and control via Internet

The consultants of the CIM Centre have participated in realization of many activities, the most important of which are:

The field of information systems (information systems design and software development):

* FAD - Gornji Milanovac
* FRA - Cacak
* "ITI" - Ivanjica
* "RMHK Trepca " - Kosovska Mitrovica
* "Zastava Metal"- Resavica
* "Zastava alati"- Kragujevac
* AD "Mehanizacija i programat" - Nikšic

The field of education:

* "FAD" - Gornji Milanovac
* "Amortizeri" - Priština
* "RMHK Trepca" - Kosovska Mitrovica
* "Metal Secco" - Gornji Milanovac
* JKP "TENT" - Obrenovac
* "21. Oktobar" - Kragujevac
* "Zastava" d.d. - Kragujevac
* "Zastava Metal" - Resavica
* "Zastava Kamioni" - Kragujevac


The field of quality management:

* FAD - Gornji Milanovac
* "Radoje Dakic" - Podgorica
* Duvanski Kombinat - Podgorica (pred sertifikacijom)
* "Eksport Bilje" - Risan
* "Primorka" - Bar
* "Jugopetrol" - Kotor
* "MAP" - Podgorica
* Trepca - K. Mitrovica
* "ITI" - Ivanjica
* "Metal Secco" - Gornji Milanovac
* "Elektrošumadija" - Kragujevac
* Termoelektrana Nikola Tesla - Obrenovac
* JKP "Vodovod i kanalizacija" - Kragujevac

The field of re-engineering:

* "Metal Secco"- Gornji Milanovac
* JKP "Vodovod i kanalizacija" - Kragujevac
* AD "Mehanizacija i programat" - Nikšic
* "RMHK Trepca" - Kosovska Mitrovica

CIM centre is actively engaged in motivation of innovative and entrepreneurship work of students through its organizational subunit for students' entrepreneurship, where numerous students of doctoral studies, master studies and bachelor studies are engaged.
Centre manager, Miladin Stefanovic, Ph.D., associate professor

CIM centre: 
phone +381 34 335 990 ext 636
fax + 381 34 333 192