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Centre for tribology


Prof. Babic Miroslav, Ph.D., manager,
34 000 Kragujevac, 6 Sestre Janjic Str.
Tel./Fax: +381 34 331 306,
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Tribology as a modern multi-disciplinary concept for solving of contact problems has been present at our Faculty almost at the very beginning. During many years, a strong school of tribology has been formed at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac and has became a centre for many researchers in basic and border areas of tribology, which is expressed through a series of the activities. Respecting such a level of the activities and a very outstanding actuality of tribology problems comprehension as limiting factors in the existing technologies and their further development, the Centre for tribology has been formed. 



Activities of the Centre 

The basic activities of the Centre are aimed at:

  • Teaching - complete teaching (lectures and exercises) from the subjects of: Tribology, Mechanical operations and transport systems and Entrepreneurship and marketing, is performed at the Centre 
    Realization of scientific and technological projects from the fields of: Triboanalysis, Tribomaterials (specially in the field of procedures for contact surface modification), Tribotechnology, Tribodesign, Tribomonitoring (specially tribometry) and Triboinformatics.
  • Giving research-development services to users from economy in the fields of: Solving of current tribological problem with the goal to return technical systems from failure to the operating state; Prevention of predicted tribology problem in a new system, with a goal to provide needed operating ability of the technical system;  Classification of the materials, machining types and types of modification of continuous surfaces in order to create a basis for selection in the phase of tribodesign; Research of wear mechanisms in order to develop materials resistant to certain type of wear; Classification of lubrication oils - creation of a basis for selection of oils that provide necessary functionality of a system; Development of materials or treatments that provide great wear resistance in order to ensure profit of corresponding company.
  • Transfer of the existing and new knowledge towards the users, from the sphere of research to the sphere of production praxis, using seminars and corresponding publishing activities.
  • Advancement of education at regular and postgraduate studies from the fields of tribology, surface technologies and tribometry. 

Realized and current research activities

In the last two of the five year periods, the Faculty, within the Centre, has realized two projects from basic research, under management of professor Miroslav Babic, as well as several innovative projects financed by the Ministry of science and technology of the Republic of Serbia:

  • Technological innovative project I.3.1788 Serbian brass - new domestic construction material for industry and traffic, 1998-1999
  • Basic research project 11MO1E1: Energy saving through tribology, 1996 - 2000
  • Technological project MHT.2.02.0012.B: Development of domestic non-conventional tribologically advanced materials, 2002 - 2004
  • Technological project TR-6303B: Development of advanced tribomechanic systems - Composites based on light metals and devices for oil refinement and tribodiagnostics, 2005 - 2007

At the moment, research from basic and border areas of tribology is done for the needs of:

  • "RAR" Batajnica, in the field of ZnAl alloys as tribomaterials intended for substitution of costly classic materials for bearings based on tin - imported and deficit material.
  • "NIS FAM" Kruševac, in the field of research and development of lubricants for different purposes
  • "SINTER" Uzice, in the field of tribological properties of sintered electric contact materials.


Device for measuring of roughness -TALYSURF


Universal measuring microscope and PQ meter

Education demo centre for lubrication, equipped with most modern devices of the "LINCOLN" company, has been formed at the Centre.


Systems for lubrication of the "LINCOLN" company