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Centre for applied automatics

The Centre for applied automatics (CPA) was found in April, 1997. The founder and the first manager of the CPA Centre was professor Zivomir Petronijevic, who created a huge network of associates, provided the funds for acquiring the basic equipment for work and teaching and, in very hard circumstances, took care of the strengthening of the Center's personnel and of the field of automatics at the faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac. During that period, until 2001, cooperation with the firms "ECM" - Kragujevac, "Mikrokontrol" - Belgrade and "Siemens d.o.o" - Belgrade has been established. By its founding proposal, the CPA Centre has defined space consisting of rooms C-91, C-82, C-85 i CPA-1,2,3 (cca. 235 m2) and corresponding inventory of mentioned rooms. 

The same acts define the basic activities of the Centre: Design, reengineering, revitalization, and maintenance of the automatics plants and of more complex technical equipment; Simulation analysis and software implementation of the control and decision making algorithms; Implementation of technical devices for measurement and control; Consulting services; Realization of scientific-research projects; Organization of new laboratory units and certification of some instruments and phenomenon; Modernization of the education from the broader field of automatics and similar disciplines; Organization and conduction of practical work fro interested students;, young engineers and other interested experts; Organization of permanent education courses; Publishing; Promotion of new technologies, etc.

Prikaz dela opreme - donacija Siemensa d.o.o. Beograd (uređaji za tzv. nivo mikroautomatizacije)
Prikaz dela opreme - donacija Siemensa d.o.o. Beograd (uređaji za tzv. nivo mikroautomatizacije)

The primary task of the CPA Centre is to establish the network of institutions, firms and individuals in order to stimulate and organize education and creativity in domain of mentioned and similar activities, which includes giving concrete expert, educational and scientific-research services.


Miroslav Ravlic, M.Sc. and the firm "Majk elektronik" - Mladenovac have gladly included young associates of the CPA Centre into their activities and have jointly with CPA Centre appeared before the users from the economy.  The CPA Centre has included the interested students into independent experimental work in the field of profession and research. The results were experimental setups now used in regular education, virtual laboratory models or students' papers published at well-known conferences in the country and abroad.  The students have been included into concrete projects as associates of the CPA Centre.

Laboratorijski modeli - neki od rezultata rada studenata, saradnika CPA
Laboratorijski modeli - neki od rezultata rada studenata, saradnika CPA


A) From the internal library B) Donation of the firm "EUROICC"-Beograd   C) JSCADA (final paper of Valdimir Milasinovic, done in cooperation with firm "EUROICC" on automation of Sugar refinery "Jugozapadna Backa" - Bac)

The CPA centre has formed and realized several courses of permanent education. The course "PLC - programming and application" was financed in 2003 and 2004 by European Agency for Reconstruction. Cooperation with well-known firm "Informatika" from Belgrade that has decided to help in education was initiated and the CPA Centre is its associate in business of mutual interest. Cooperation with experts and institutions from the encirclement (Institute "Mihajlo Pupin" from Belgrade, Institute for automobiles - Kragujevac, Faculty of electrical engineering from Belgrade, Medical faculty from Kragujevac, etc.), that has already lasted for several years, gave the results in the fields of education, publishing, project activities and promotion of new ideas and technologies.


Centre manager: Milan Matijevic, Ph.D.,  associate professor