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Centre for integrated development of products and processes and intelligent systems

The origins 

The Centre for integrated development of products and processes and intelligent systems - CIRPIS, was founded in 2003, through redesign of the former Centre for computer technologies. Idea on redesign has its base in trends of high education and scientific research activities within the production engineering and engineering in general, as well as in applicative information and communication technologies that are recommended in Europe and in the world. With consent and support of professor Ratko Mitrovic, Ph.D., the founder and the manager of the Centre for computer technologies, an initiative for modernization and redesign of activities of the Centre was born. 


Modern trends in development of products and accompanying processes have imposed the need for integration of a large number of different activities that enable the conceptual plan to be transferred to developed and detailed model. In addition, simultaneous optimization of products and accompaniyng processes and excellent effects regarding total performances of the development of products and its manufacture are achieved. Such a set of control-development activities, originating from the concept of competitive engineering, is called integrated development  of products and processes. Today, it is a key industrial concept that has a very firm scientific foundation. Mentioned activities also include pronounced aspiration towards conservation, use and management of design-technological, production and business knowledge resources. Imperative of application of intelligent systems that include Knowledgeware technologies for integrated development of products and processes is fully justified and it is one of the basic demands. Thus, there is a clear need to organize the Centre that would with its activities contribute to modernization of scientific research processes at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac and would contribute to development of the industry in region and in broader areas.  

The goals 

CIRPIS Centre puts the accent on innovative and intelligent technologies, additional work with students of graduate and after graduate studies, organization of special training courses, publishing activities, etc. In addition, a special attention has been given to maintaining of high level of attractiveness and up-datedness of scientific-research disciplines developed at the Centre, as well as to following of modern trends in the area of application of information and communication technologies in engineering. 

The key goals of the Centre are: 

  • modernization of teaching according to European and global standards,
  • raising the level of attractiveness of teaching and occupation,
  • modernization of scientific-research activities,
  • firmer connections with the industry
  • introduction and improvement of intelligent information technologies and systems, in teaching process, scientific research and industrial applications,
  • application and improvement of \Internet technologies, 
  • introduction and improvement of innovative technologies, 
  • introduction and improvement of technology of quality, 
  • creation of basic preconditions for knowledge transfer and 
  • inclusion in international projects. 


Basic activities of the CIRPIS Centre are related to:

  • scientific research work,
  • education through regular teaching activities,
  • organization of special training courses, 
  • giving services and consulting and
  • publishing activities. 

Scientific research work 

Scientific research activities of the CIRPIS Centre includes both theoretical and applied and development research activities. The following special subcategories may be distinguished:

  • methods for product development,
  • design of product's process of manufacture,
  • optimization of products and processes,
  • CAD/CAPP/CAM/CAE/CAI innovative systems,
  • CNC machining systems,
  • intelligent information systems,
  • knowledge engineering, 
  • “soft computing”,
  • technology of quality,
  • management of 3D tolerances,
  • rapid prototyping,
  • Internet technologies and information systems. 


Teaching activities
Teaching activities of the CIRPIS Centre are aimed at:

  • teaching activities within the regular courses at graduate studies,
  • teaching activities within courses at after graduate studies, and
  • teaching activities related to organization and conduction of courses, seminars and workshops from the field of innovative technologies, information technologies and intelligent systems. 

Providing services and consulting 

The CIRPIS Centre provides services from the fields of modeling and optimization of products and processes, intelligent techniques and technologies, technology of quality and other fields form the domain of the Centre, to all interested users. In addition, activities of the CIRPIS Centre are related to introduction of innovative CAD/CAPP/CAM/CAE/CAI systems, intelligent information systems and \Internet technologies and CNC technologies. 

Publishing activities 

Through its scientific research activities, The CIRPIS Centre specially motivates and conducts publishing of scientific-research papers, especially monographs and text books, which should supersede a shortage of literature from mentioned fields on our language.  

Centre manager: Goran Devedzic, Ph.D., full professor