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Regional EVRO - Centre for energy efficiency

Founders of the EVRO Centre

The founders of the EVRO Centre (RCEEK) are: the Agency for energy efficiency (SEEA) (as a representative of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Ministry of mining and energy and the European agency for reconstruction), the Norwergian energy efficiency group (NEEG), as a representative of the Norwergian Government, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac - the Department for energy and process engineering (KEPT), the City Hall of Kragujevac, "Zastava vehicles" group and municipalities from the area gravitating to the University of Kragujevac.

The Centre is authorized for the problems of energy efficiency in the economy and municipal systems of 28 municipalities of the Central and the South-western Serbia. 

The Center's operation 

The Centre is the organizational unit of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac, which deals under patronage and in cooperation with SEEA and represents a constitutive part of Euro-regional centers network, set on the area of European Union, Norway, Serbia and other European regions.

Activities of the RCEEK

Activities of the RCEEK are: organization and realization of scientific and professional studies and projects fro development and improvement of the efficiency of the installed energy technologies and environmental protection; organization and realization of scientific and professional studies from the fields of energy management, financial energy engineering and energy and eco-monitoring; scientific and professional research in order to develop and apply energy and ecology standards in all economy and non-economy activities;  realization of technological, innovative and demonstration projects in the field of energy, energy efficiency and ecology; realization of professional projects from the field of energy, energy efficiency and ecology, agreed with economy, state and other institutions in the country and abroad; organization of seminars for knowledge innovation and professional training in the fields of modern energy technologies, energy efficiency, environmental protection, financial energy engineering, energy management, measurements in energetics, energy and ecology standards, energy and ecology montioring, application of computers and information technologies in energetics and ecology and other; conducting of expert work entrusted by governmental agencies and local community agencies in the fields of control and giving expert opinions in energetics and ecology; work on development of Serbian information network for the fields of energy efficiency, ecology, energy standards and the state of energy equipment in industry and municipal systems;  forming of data bases and exchange of information for the fields of energy efficiency, ecology, energy standards and the state of energy equipment in industry and in municipal systems and monitoring of energy efficiency of the companies and of municipal systems on the territory where the Centre is authorized and proposal of solutions for improvement, etc.

Organizational structure of RCEEK

RCEEK has: Division for energy and ecology engineering, Division for thermo technique, Division for hydro technique, Division for process engineering, Division for measuring and computer equipment, Division for ecology and National laboratory for renewable energy sources.

RCEEK has it own expert team made of managers and associates of the divisions. 

RCEEK management

At the suggestion of the director of Regional EVRO Centre, plans for scientific and professional work at RCEEK, are considered, brought by and evaluated by a Professional Council of RCEEK.  Structure of the Professional Council of RCEEK is made of: one representative of SEEA, NEEG, City Hall of Kragujevac, Regional Economic Council Kragujevac, "Zastava vehicles" group, one representative of each municipality that closes an agreement on permanent business cooperation with the Centre, on the territory for which the regional EVRO Centre is authorized, director of RCEEK and division managers of regional EVRO Centre for energy efficiency.

Term of members of the Professional Council of RCEEK lasts for four years. Professional Council of RCEEK meets once a year. Director of Regional EVRO centre for energy efficiency manages the work of the RCEEK. Director of the RCEEK is appointed by the Council of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, from the rank of full professors, at the proposal of the Department for energy and process engineering and Dean of the Faculty. Proposal for director of RCEEK must previously be coordinated with SEEA. Term of RCEEK director lasts for four years. Director of RCEEK appoints managers of the divisions.

Financing of RCEEK

RCEEK is non-profitable organizational unit that deals through special sub-account of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac. Financing is provided with contracts with domestic and foreign companies, governmental institutions and local community. RCEEK may. Within its activities, to deal with domestic and foreign non-governmental organizations, may accept donations for improvement of its work and may participate in domestic and international open competitions for financing of its projects.

Available equipment

RCEEK has modern equipment for all measurements in the field of energy efficiency and may use the equipment owned by SEEA.

Achieved results

Several preliminary and detailed energy analysis and seminars for industry and municipal systems

RCEEK Director:Milun Babic, Ph.D., full professor