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Centre for virtual production

The centre for virtual production (CeVIP, www.cevip.kg.ac.yu ) was found in 2006 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac, within the project "Virtual production as support for companies in Serbia", financed by EU and conducted by Evropska Agencija za rekonstrukciju.

CeVIP Centre has necessary capacity for application of innovative technologies of virtual engineering in the development of products and processes. Activities undertaken at the CeVIP Centre should contribute to the increase of capacities of production companies to introduce a new approach in their work, in development of products and processes, based on application of VM technologies, to broaden the assortment according to the existing market demands and, for the Faculty, on one hand, to get closer to needs of final users of the research results through strategic networking and, on the other hand, to commercialize its potential.

The services of innovative product development and process optimization, a contribution is made to increasing of competitiveness of the comapany in the region and on national and international level market.

To help Serbian companies and MSP to be more innovative and competitive on the market by offering a huge spectrum of technological services focused on advanced technologies and techniques of virtual product development and process optimization.

To become a leading R&D organization in Serbia, for support of companies and MSP in application of innovative technologies of virtual engineering in development of products, processes, tools or equipment.


  • to provide services for improvement of the existing and development of new innovative products, processes and tools for the companies and MSP
  • to monitor and disseminate the latest achievements in the field of virtual engineering technologies
  • to play an active role in establishing and broadening of the network of users of VM technologies
  • to increase the motivation of students for improving in the area of mechanical engineering
  • to make possibilities for introduction in a larger number of international projects  (EAR, EUREKA, FP7...), in order to improve technical and control capacities and to cooperate with the economy
  • to give quality and useful research result that will start the financing and regular application of innovations in the companies 

ACTIVITIES of the CeVIP Centre

Work on realization of scientific-research projects

Scientific-research activities of the Centre include theoretical, applied and development research within the following fields:

  • design of technological processes for sheet metal machining  and volume plastic forming
  • application of CAD/CAM/CAE technologies in design of products, processes and tools 
  • optimization of production processes
  • FEM/FVM simulation of different processes of material processing
  • FE evaluation of quality of products
  • FE analysis of tools and estimation of a life time
  • redesign of the existing processes
  • experimental verification of numeric FE results
  • optimal selection of materials for new products
  • 3D visualization of products and processes by application of virtual models and VR equipment

Development of VMnet - Virtual production users' network

In order to integrate expert opinions in the field of innovative VM technologies (CAD/CAM/CAE, FE simulation, VR/AR) for support of virtual product development and process optimization, a network of experts in mentioned fields from research and economy organizations was established at the CeVIP Centre. Companies and MSP contribute, with their expert oppinions from the field of design of products and processes based on several years of experience, to preparation of preliminary project solutions, to provision of test cases necessary for development and checking of virtual production model. Virtual production users' network, VMnet, gathers together the experts form the fields of production technologies, materials, VM technologies, RE/RP technologies, which will help, with their expert opinions, companies to develop new products and processes. R&D organization, MSP, companies, regional agencies for MSP development, competent Ministries and all other institutions that find their interest in working together, participate in development and broadening of the network. Since, for a number of years, there have existed networks of knowledge and services in the field of VM technologies and networks for technology transfer,  priority is set to connect with them and to actively participate in the exchange of experiences. It will be of importance both for the faculty and for the companies that are export oriented or that plan to sell their products on international market.

Providing services and consulting

CeVIP Centre offers a broad range of expert and consulting services for companies and MSP, like:

  • development of feasibility studies and consulting in their implementation
  • creation of 3D CAD models from conventional engineering documentation
  • consulting during introduction of innovative VM technologies
  • checking of tool's wear and estimation of life time using FE models
  • FE estimation of microstructure, that is of product's quality
  • tool manufacture simulation
  • testing of design solution using FE simulations
  • optimization of processes and tools
  • improvement of the existing products and processes
  • prevention of defects in technological processes
  • selection of optimal material for a new product
  • testing of characteristics of materials at room and raised temperatures
  • determination of condition of contact wear in processes of plastic forming
  • preparation of photo-realistic pictures, virtual reality and multimedia presentations
  • marketing services in presentation of products with application of VR technologies
  • expert help in preparation of application for obtaining grants from international funds, etc.

Participation in international projects

Part of the activities within the CeVIP Centre is directed to preparation of applications for participation in European projects (FP6/FP7, EUREKA, WUS, programs EAR, CEPUS...) in order to improve international cooperation and for the faculty to become a leading R&D centre in Serbia. Realization of the activities within given grants and international projects is one of the most important tasks of the CeVIP Centre.

Teaching courses

Complete teaching (lectures, exercises, project design,...) is performed at the Centre, at academic studies of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac and from the following courses:

  • Machines and tools in metal forming
  • Modeling and simulation in metal forming
  • Virtual engineering
  • Procedures for plastic forming
  • Advanced techniques in tool design
  • FEM simulation of processes
  • Design of tools for metal forming with application of computers 

Development of young scientific stuff

Special attention is given at the Centre to development of young scientific stuff, through education of students at after graduate studies in the field of application of VM technologies, providing help in work on doctoral dissertations and specialists' works.

Organization and performing of courses of knowledge innovation, seminars and workshops

For engineers from the economy, according to their needs, courses, seminars and workshops for training in the field of application of commercial FE software and the equipment supporting VM technologies, are organized in order to acquire practical knowledge and skills fro implementation in the companies.

Publishing activities

Numerous scientific papers, published in domestic and foreign journals and at conferences, are products of scientific research activities at the CeVIP Centre. In addition, publication of monographs, text books, brochures, technical reports and, so called good practice reports is planned.

RESOURCES of the CeVIP Centre


CeVIP Center's office

Specialized licensed software

FE simulacije CAMPform 2D


FE simulations SuperForm


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CAM: Delcam PowerMill