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Webtory Doo - Jobs - Employment Opportunities

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Webtory_DooWebtory Doo is a company 'low of Serbia, founded in Kragujevac in May this year.
Wbetory is born as a daughter company of Webtory Switzerland based in Basel.
The owners of Webtoy - both Switzerland, and Serbian -are two people Paolo Meloni and Milan Vejnovic with participation both at 50%.
Webtory deals with development and applications software at all levels and with respect to website SEO activities.
It is 'a company of international IT and is present in Serbia with two locations: the headquarters in Kragujevac and a software development group in Novi Sad.
Objective of Webtory is to establish a permanent development group in Kragujevac, so at the end of the stage for the best interns will open up real opportunities for input to' inside the company.
In addition, the development plan of Webtory Doo foresees for 2016 an insertion of about 25 people at the headquarters in Kragujevac.
Finally Webtory want to propose to the College of Engineering in Kragujevac a collaboration to develop an incubator of ideas.
For more information you can visit the website: Webtory.ch or Webtory Doo