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The Science and Art of Archival Engineering Publication

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Centar za Grejanje, Klimatizaciju i Solarnu energiju
Mašinskog fakulteta u Kragujevcu,
organizuje predavanje pod naslovom
The Science and Art of Archival Engineering Publication
Abstract. This talk starts with a discussion of the benefits of archival publication in engineering science, which are both to international advancement of the state of technology and science, and not the least to the career and opportunities of the authors themselves. A further benefit is the associated approval and ratification of the archivally-published work by the international engineering and scientific community through the expert review process. A recommended structure of the paper is described, which in fact is best prepared even before the start of the reported research, to optimize the research/development methodology and facilitate the eventual archival publication of the outcome. The important role of the background review and reference citations, and of error analysis, is described. Observation of details such as clarity of expression in the journal language, required format, the role and quality of tables and illustrations, the way to write an abstract and conclusions, nomenclature, and use of units.are explained. Ways to respond to reviewers’ comments, communicate with the editorial staff, and to maximize the chance for paper acceptance, are discussed.
Predavač je Prof. Noam Lior (
Editor-in-Chief of ENERGY –The International Journal,
Regional Editor for North America and Europe of ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, U. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA,
Predavanje će se održati u petak 13.Juna 2008 sa početkom u 12h
u malom Amfiteatru objekta A Mašinskog fakulteta u Kragujevcu
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